Army Leadership selected the Virtual Contracting Enterprise (VCE) as one solution to the many challenges outlined in the Gansler Commission findings. As a result, VCE has been deployed to all Army Contracting activities as well as other Army acquisition organizations.

VCE deployment is underway and it is important to continue through completion so offices may leverage the capabilities of this powerful suite of e-tools. Since use of some VCE elements is mandated, it is important to deploy these elements as soon as practicable across the Enterprise.

In addition to the suite of application tools, VCE has comprised a list of training to deploy to the contracting workforce available on the portal via the Multimedia Page. The available training focuses on a number of contracting topics to provide the tools and information needed for optimal success when completeing requirements and providing the best customer service possible across all commands.

What is VCE?

The VCE is a suite of web-based contracting tools used by its employees and their customers in the performance of their daily duties acquiring supplies and services for the US Army.

VCE tools are currently being fielded across the Army in order to provide the contracting and acquisition workforce the tools needed to perform their mission. The VCE provides standardization across the enterprise while providing oversight for all its contracting and workforce data.

VCE's suite of applications includes: Acquisition Source Selection Interactive Support Tool (ASSIST), Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards, Paperless Contract Files (PCF), Procurement Management Review (PMR) Assistant, VCE Manpower and Staffing, and VCE-Warrants.