Working a Source Selection? Check out VCE-ASSIST and PAM's Source Selection Page!

Thursday, June 30, 2016 by TYRONE.WORRELL

Working a Source Selection and want to learn about the process or brush up on your current knowledge? Access the VCE’s very own Source Selection University via our Army Source Selection Interactive Support Tool (ASSIST) or you can access our training class via Total Employee Development (TED) and earn THREE CLPs for viewing the suite of VCE Source Selection videos via TED.  Simply logon to TED with your Common Access Card (CAC), click on the Education/Training tab and completing a search utilizing the following information: Course Title: VCE Source Selection Training, Show: Available CLASSES then click search and request the class.

The Source Selection Video suite is as follows:

  • Source Selection 101
  • Cost Realism
  • Exchanges with Offerors
  • Source Selection Decision
  • The Competitive Range
  • Selecting Evaluation Factors
  • Debriefing
  • Past Performance

Learn more via PAM's Source Selection page on how to reduce Source Selection times, tips of determining evaluation criteria, connect with the Virtual Source Selection Advisory Team, earn CLPs on Source Selection and access other training resources.  Click the link to access: PAM Source Selection Page.