View VCE Avatar Training Videos and earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) on VCE and PAM!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 by TYRONE.WORRELL

Looking to brush up on your Contracting knowledge and/or earn some Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)? View the Virtual Contracting Enterprise (VCE) Avatar Training Videos on YouTube and Procurement.Army.Mil (PAM) and earn training credit!  Training on properly documenting your contract file, Source Selections, preparation of the Independent Government Estimate, Market Research, and more is available for your viewing pleasure. View additional Avatars and other Training videos by clicking here to visit our YouTube Page or access our videos from the Multimedia section here.

Earn additional CLPs through the Virtual Acquisition Office (VAO).  Go to PAM HERE and click on 'Earn CLPs' in the top menu bar.  If you aren't a VAO subscriber, you are entitled to a free VAO membership.  Click on the yellow 'What is VAO?' tile on the PAM Homepage.