BiXtractor Documentation

As of October 15, 2020, BiXtractor Version 3.4 Build 7593 was made available on this site. The VCE offers the BiXtractor in a Windows 32-bit format and 64-bit format. Version 3.4 Build 7593 is compatible with (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows type operating systems.

BiXtractor Version 3.4 Build 7593, requires the following:

Ensure that your system meets these conditions before installing the software.

Once you have your server certificate installed and firewall adjustments made prior to upgrading, you can perform a test using the BIXtester.exe program. The program will ensure that your server certificate is properly installed and permissions are set correctly. Connectivity between your machine and the web site will be tested to ensure it is working. Download the Unzip the contents and follow the instructions in the README.txt to perform the test. The program will not install any software, it will only perform several tests and will generate a log named "BIXtester Logfile.txt". This tester can be used in the event that you have received a new server certificate or to troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

If you are using a 64-bit operating system, please use the download link for 'BiXtractor v3.4 Build 7593 64-bit Install', otherwise use the download link for 'BiXtractor v3.4 Build 7593 32-bit Install'. For any site requiring assistance, we recommend using the AESD Help Desk to submit a support ticket with a subject of 'VCE - Tier 2: Site # - BiXtractor' (e.g., Site 222 - BiXtractor), requesting BiXtractor installation support.

BiXtractor Installation Guide (Version 3.4), dated October 15, 2020, provides step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the BiXtractor Service at your site. All required data will be captured through the daily 'Default' data extract.

User's Guide for BiXtractor Service (Version 3.4), dated October 15, 2020, provides general checkpoints for maintaining daily extractions and troubleshooting instructions.

BiXtractor v3.4 Build 7593 64-bit Install
BiXtractor v3.4 Build 7593 32-bit Install
Certificate Check Procedures
Certificate Request Procedures
BIXtractor Tester (zip)

If my Scheduled Task is not working, what should I check?

First, determine if the problem is with the actual BiXtractor configuration or the scheduled task.

  1. Try running a Manual Extraction from inside the BiXtractor service. If it does not run, the BI configuration should be checked. If it does run, the problem resides in the scheduled task.
  2. Next, to test the scheduled task, try running a manual extraction from inside the Task Scheduler. If it runs, the problem resides with the account used to create the scheduled task, not the actual task settings.
  3. If the manual extraction of the scheduled task did not run, check the following:
    • Do you have a scheduled task named Default.{your site #}, not bixde (i.e. Default.222, not bixde)?
    • Check the properties for the scheduled task. The 'Task' tab should display the Run path with quotation marks and the -e Default.### extension. (i.e. "C:\Program Files\BiXtractor\bixde.exe" -e Default.222).  Go to C:\ProgramData\BiXtractor\Logs and open the debug.txt file. If the debug.txt file displays the error message, "A data extract by the name of, " " was not found." the Run path is missing the -e Default.### extension/argument.
    • The Start in: field should contain (in quotation marks) the location where you installed the BiXtractor service (i.e. "C:\Program Files\BiXtractor")
    • The Run as: field should contain the name of the user account used to create the task\name of the service account.
    • There should be a checkmark in the box beside, "Enabled (scheduled task runs at specified time)."
    • The "Scheduled" tab should specify Daily and Every 1 day(s).
    • On the "Settings" tab, under the section 'Scheduled Task Completed', there should be a checkmark in the box beside "Stop the task if it runs longer than":. We recommend changing the value to 1 hour, to ensure that if an extraction becomes stuck, it will be stopped and cleared before the next daily extraction is attempted. If running extractions for multiple sites, ensure only one extraction is running at a time. First extraction must complete before second extraction begins.  

How can I verify the results of my last extraction?

The 'Logs' folder is located in C:\ProgramData\BiXtractor folder. Your latest bixde.Default.###.debug.txt file is located in the 'Logs' folder (i.e. C:\ProgramData\BiXtractor\Logs\bixde.Default.###.debug.txt)

  1. If your last extraction attempt generated errors and/or aborted, this information will be available in the debug.txt file.
  2. To determine if your last extraction attempt was successful, note the begin time, extraction date range, and the number of scripts to run (i.e. 73 SQL scripts found in "C:\ProgramData\BiXtractor\AutoScripts\Default").

    Then, scroll to the bottom of the debug.txt file and look for statistics similar to the following:

    Extract ends at 10/6/2016 5:00:00 AM
    --------- Summary ---------
    Total Time        : 136.4263725 seconds
    Results Written   : 73
    Errors Written    : 0
    Total Scripts     : 73
    Peak Memory       : 32,649,216
  3. If the 'Results Written:' matches the number of 'Total Scripts:' (i.e. 73), and the 'Errors Written:' is equal to 0, the extraction completed successfully. Occasionally, after an extraction completes and the .xml result files are moved to the output folder, the files do not leave the output folder. A simple Stop and Start of the Windows Service (BiXtractor) should refresh the BiXtractor settings and release the files from the output folder. If files remain in the output folder after the restart, please check with your sites network operations team to ensure is open for both incoming and outgoing traffic.

How do I acquire and install a certificate on my machine to be used for the BiXtractor Service?

Basic guidance for requesting and installing a certificate for your system can be found in the Certificate Request Procedures.

If my site is currently running BiXtractor Version 3.2 Build 6192 or older, do we need to upgrade to Ver 3.3 Build 6704 or later?

Yes, upgrading to Version 3.3 Build 6704 or later is required due to mandatory security enhancements that are now in place within VCE. Version 3.3 enables the use of TLS 1.2 communication between the BiXtractor client and web service. Since version 3.2, the BiXtractor software requires the use of certificates, otherwise connectivity to VCE will not be possible. Follow the Certificate Check Procedures, to ensure that you have a DoD issued certificate installed on your system.

Follow the BiXtractor Installation Guide (Version 3.4) for instructions to install and configure the BiXtractor Service at your site.

How do I begin the BiXtractor installation process (for new sites and reinstalls)?

If assistance is needed, please contact us using the AESD Help Desk to submit a support ticket with subject "VCE – Tier 2: Site #-BiXtractor" (e.g., Site 222 – BiXtractor), requesting BiXtractor installation support